Welcome to the Medical Statistics Group based in Oxford

The Medical Statistics Group contribute to good research by offering statistical collaboration or advice to all Cancer Research UK researchers and those applying to Cancer Research UK for funding (programme grants, CTAAC, PBSC, Feasibility, TRICC). Such guidance can be given at all phases, whether at the outset of the trial with suggestions for improving the design, or at the analysis stage with suggestions for the optimum analysis of your data. Here at the Medical Statistics Group, we strongly recommended that statistical advice is sought in the initial stages of a trial, as from experience we know that fundamental problems can be prevented with a good trial design. We give input to design (including clarification of the question), grant application, set-up, active running (including Data Monitoring Committees and Trial Steering Committees), analysis, interpretation and publication. We are a very approachable team and are able to convey statistical techniques to non-statisticians and so are happy to help those who are not statistically confident.


The support team run statistical courses each autumn in London for CR-UK researchers and occasional courses for statisticians.

Apart from statistical expertise, we are also part of the UKCRN registered Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit (OCTRU) which also offers full trial coordination, trial coordination advice or a randomisation service.

Please feel free to contact us by email sharon.love@csm.ox.ac.uk providing information on the nature of your query. Subsequently one of our trained statisticians will be in touch as soon as possible

Current collaborative involvement includes a randomised clinical trial in adjuvant chemotherapy for colorectal cancer (QUASAR 2), a randomised clinical trial for chemo-prevention (AspECT), a randomised trial of surgical technique (EnROL) and an observational study of the impact of cancer initiatives on doctors.