NHS Statistical Support Team - Statistical Services and Activities

Activities specific to NHS statistical support staff include one or more of the following:

  • Statistical consultancy - assisting researchers through the Research Design Service South Central by providing generic and specialist advice to NHS health care professionals and researchers working in the South Central region who are applying for NIHR funding. This service is free to NHS employees, and is accessed via the Oxford RDS office.
  • Statistical collaboration - Providing long-term support for, typically, grant-funded research projects. Often small-scale consultancy is not sufficient for major research projects such as clinical trials, systematic review and observational studies. Collaboration typically includes involvement in grant/ethics application, design, conduct, analysis, interpretation/reporting and dissemination of results. 
  • Peer Review Service- providing an independent peer review service for 'own account' studies (i.e. research which does not receive external funding or which is supported through Trust charitable funds).
    • Specialist Teaching/Educational activity - Organising, developing, running and teaching courses/workshops and giving presentations on a wide range of medical related topics. These may include basic medical statistics, critical appraisal of the literature or more advanced practical topics relating to clinical trials and systematic reviews. The audience is invariably medical i.e. non-statistical, but not always.
    • Methodological research - Addressing problematic areas of high relevance to the type of work being undertaken within the team, some of which is commissioned by the NHS.
    • Other NHS-Related activity - Sitting on Committees such as editorial, data monitoring, trial steering, trial management or ethics.

    If you are interested in any of the statistical services offered then please contact Jacqueline Wright on 01865 223447.